Gridseed Mining

Here’s the easiest way to run a Gridseed device for LTC or –scrypt mining.

It is highly recommended to run the Gridseeds on a Raspberry Pi device. You don’t have any driver issues when using Raspberry’s. If you run a Windows machine, there are two ways to work:

a) recommended: run BFGMiner. You might have issues with the windows driver, but this is easy to solve (see below). Setup takes the first time maybe 5-7 minutes, then you are good to go.

b) or you run a special version of cgminer (link below), then you have to change the USB driver using the free program Zadig (download an tutorial below). This setup takes a while longer, but biggest issue is, that you might have issues after restarting you machine, sometimes the Gridseed’s are not recognized anymore.

So here are the links and tutorials:

Link to BFGMiner for Gridseed devices:

Link to tutorial for modified BFGMiner:

Link to turorial how to install Gridseed driver on Windows 7 or Windows 8

Link to modified CGMiner version:

Link to Zagid program to install Gridseed#s universal driver: